3 Makeup Myths You Likely Believe
Posted on Nov 10th, 2021
If you have spent any amount of time on Youtube binging makeup tutorials to find the answer to dewy skin. 

Or, scrolled through reels and tik toks, amazed by the flawless looks being whipped up like it’s nothing….. You’d have likely heard of some common makeup myths. 

I see them time and time again, plastered on the internet. Influencers with no makeup credentials jump on the bandwagon of popular advice to gain views and do what everyone else is doing. 

And so you end up buying products that you’re not even sure if they work or do anything…

And do techniques because ‘they say you should do this. I don’t know why, but, I learned it once on Tik Tok’.

Have you ever said that? Not knowing why you’re doing something but just do because ‘they’ told you?
Without remembering who ‘they’ are and why you need to do it?

Lol, no shame!!! I have been there. Until I un-covered the truth. 

You see, makeup can (and should imo) be simple. I am here to take out the confusion and set the record straight, as a Pro Makeup Artist and Educator. 

Here are the top three myths that you likely believe, but shouldn’t!
1. Primer is needed for everyone

If you are recommended a primer when shopping in store at Sephora without the shop assistant even asking what your skin type is and just saying you need it….kindly point that bottle of $53, does-beep-all, back on the shelf. There is no such thing as needing a primer all over your face before makeup.
Primer is NOT an essential item, period. But, it can be beneficial for certain skin types. And even then, it is not designed to just smear over your whole face, but, to be used in certain target areas (eg. pore minimiser primer on your nose where you have pores). 

See how that is specific? Instead, up your skincare game - this is the best prep you could ever do before makeup and always be sure to add SPF before foundation. 

2. Setting spray makes your makeup last

I like to give this analogy with makeup. If you are trying to lean out, there are 3 things you could do. You could eat healthy, exercise and take supplements. Which one is the most important? Yes, nutrition. Now, if you team nutrition with exercise and maybe some supplements, that could amplify your results. But, if you took out nutrition and tried to only rely on let’s say, supplements….. Do you think you would see any result? No, of course not. 

Setting spray is the supplement in this instance. It coulddddd amplify some longevity in your makeup. But only if you have already used the correct methods elsewhere in your routine. Without that, it’s completely useless. 

I personally never wear a setting spray for the purpose of getting more hold, nor have I relied on it for my clients - even for their wedding days. You can get far longer hold out of proper techniques. You may want to put that $27 bottle of expensive water back on the shelf, next to the primer. 

3. It’s harder for hooded eyes to do eyeshadow 

This one is a personal irritation. Mostly because of the fact that it’s a flat out insult to people’s beautiful, unique facial features they;ve been gifted with. In the beauty industry, I heard early on comments like the ‘desired is eye shape is X and the harder eye shape is X’. Ugh. There is not one person that has more desirable features than others. This is another can of worms I could open, but, let’s stick to the myths. 

Like any eye shape, we amend eyeshadow placements to enhance the shape. Donskies. Let’s quit the language of saying it’s ‘harder’ or hooded eyes can’t do such and such as. Do whatever the heck you like, my love!! Whatever makes you feel confident. Want to rock a winged liner? Go for it! But, you may also want to amend your placement with eyeshadow to enhance your shape. Totally do-able and I’ll let you in on the simple secret. 

When you do your eyeshadow, look dead straight ahead in the mirror. Can you see your eyeshadow? No? Then bring it up higher towards your brow bone.
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