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Award-Winning Makeup Artist turned Educator, helps Everyday Women confidently do their own makeup so they feel put-together every day. 
Feel Dull & Boring After Foundation?
This Is Why & How To Fix It.
Written by Emily Osberger on 9th Dec, 2020.
Go from dull and boring to youthful and glowy! You're not exactly doing something wrong entirely. You're just missing some very important steps to add on after foundation. Here's what it is and how to do it.....
How To Avoid Feeling Stressed When You Get Ready. 
Written by Emily Osberger on 9th Dec, 2020.
If you avoid doing your makeup because you get stressed and frustrated....this is for you. I take you through how to make it an enjoyable process (and no, you don't need to become an over-night pro for that to happen).....
Written by Emily Osberger on 9th Nov, 2020.
This is the Modern Day Smokey Eye and it's hot right now for a reason. Learn how to do the Halo Eye in 3 easy steps....
Written by Emily Osberger on 23rd Oct, 2020.
With these 3 tips, you can add it into your eyeshadow routine the next time you do your makeup and see the amazing difference for yourself!
Written by Emily Osberger on 5th Oct, 2020.
Isn't it such a chore? "Ughh, I really need to clean my brushes but it's such a mission and I don't even know if I am doing it right" Sound familiar? I'll show you how to do it RIGHT and make it SIMPLE....
Written by Emily Osberger on 20th Sept, 2020.
Could you be putting on your makeup in the wrong order? Does it really matter? Eyes or face first? Let me settle this once and for all....