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Want to update your makeup but don't know where to start? Get My New, FREE Guide Here.
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I help Professional Women edging the 
30-club, do their daily makeup with confidence and enjoyment as they experience the ability to whip up a beautiful, natural look for work. 
Why You Should Try Coloured Eyeliner & How To Do It.
Written by Emily Osberger on 9th Dec, 2021.
A coloured eyeliner is the ultimate power move. It can jazz up your basic eyeshadow look with one swipe of a brush - have you raising your hand higher in meetings and walking taller into events. Here's my top tips on how to pull this off....
Morning Rush Makeup Tips 
Written by Emily Osberger on 24th Nov, 2021.
Do you find yourself scrambling to get yourself together in the morning? Do you ever give up on makeup completely just to be left feeling bare faced and nervous throughout the day? If you said yes to either, you need to read today's super quick blog post to help fix that.
Blush and Bronzers: Dos & Don'ts 
Written by Emily Osberger on 17th Nov, 2021.
Are you applying your blush and bronzer properly? The right way will lift and scuplt your face. The wrong way will make your face look long and lifeless. In this blog post I share 10 incredibly helpful tips to help you get it right. 
3 Makeup Myths You Likely Believe
Written by Emily Osberger on 10th Nov, 2021.
Social media is full of trends, shortcuts, and miracle solution products that promise #nofilter results. In reality, most of them just don't work. Today I'm setting the record straight by explaining common makeup myths you shouldn't be falling for. 
How To Build A Luxury Makeup Bag Of Products (Without Breaking The Bank).
Written by Emily Osberger on 19th Oct, 2021.
There's nothing quite like gliding a luxurious lipstick to make you feel a million bucks and an eyeshadow that sparkles like nothing you'd find at a Chemist. Here's how to build a luxury makeup bag of products without breaking the bank.
Where To Start When It Comes To Bettering Your Makeup
Written by Emily Osberger on 6th Oct, 2021.
I get told this almost every day by women just like you. Those that have been doing the same, basic makeup for so many years and want to update it but just "don't know where to start". So, here it is - the answer you've been searching for. 
Insta Vs Reality | Met Gala Edition
Written by Emily Osberger on 16th Sept, 2021.
It's easy to look at the celebrities on the red carpet at the Meta Gala this year and think how flawless they look. But, they're not too different from us. Check out these Insta vs Reality images of how their makeup really looks (hello, texture).
Time For An Update! How To Do Modern Makeup.
Written by Emily Osberger on 8th Sept, 2021.
If you've been doing the same oh-so-basic makeup look for the past 10 years but have no idea where to start with an update....this is it! 
Simple steps to doing modern makeup. 
How To Show Up As The Confident, Accomplished Woman You Aspire To Be.
Written by Emily Osberger on 5th Aug, 2021.
Not only do I have a lot more enjoyment in my day, but, I also work better when I show up feeling confident and put together. Here's what I do in the morning to make this happen. 
The 3 Steps To Making Your Eyes Pop!
Written by Emily Osberger on 14th July, 2021.
Every now and then an occasion comes up (maybe a hot date with hubby or a wedding) and you want to look extra spesh, making those eyes pop! Here are the tricks to doing it with any eye colour - yep, even you brown eye beauty's. 
Why You Need All 3 - Bronzer, Blush, & Highlight
Written by Emily Osberger on 30th June, 2021.
Ever wondered what is the difference between bronzer and blush? Do you really need both? Isn't one just brown and one pink?
Here's the differences and why you need them (explained easily).
How To Hide Hereditary, Dark Under-Eye Circles
Written by Emily Osberger on 24th June, 2021.
Whilst I am an advocate for loving our features and what makes you 'you', I do understand the frustration of doing your makeup and layering on the concealer, only to still see your dark under eyes peeping through.
3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Be Afraid Of Liquid Foundation
Written by Emily Osberger on 16th June, 2021.
Back in High School, we'd head to the bathroom with our school friends to layer on more Maybelline Dream Mate Mousse (anyone else?). Foundation has come a long way since then but the fear of it can still linger....
How To Spruce Up Your Go-To, Nude Eyeshadow
How To Spruce Up Your Go-To, 
Nude Eyeshadow
Written by Emily Osberger on 19th May, 2021.
Eyeshadow can be scary and difficult to do something 'different'. So, it's easy to get stuck doing the same old nude eyeshadow because it's safe. I've given you some ways you can spruce up it without making it complicated. 
How To Setup A Home Makeup Area (Without Spending A Cent)
Written by Emily Osberger on 10th March, 2021.
The secret to doing your makeup stress-free and actually start to enjoy it (heck, maybe even find it calming) is all about your makeup space. Here's how to setup a nice home makeup area without spending a cent....
3 Old Makeup Steps That Need To Be Cancelled (Along With The Side-part & Skinny Jeans)
Written by Emily Osberger on 3rd March, 2021.
Gen Z cancelled the side-part and skinny jeans recently- ohhh the horror! 
Now, just to add a little spice to the mix, there are 3 makeup steps that are now old, out-dated. Let me show you what they are and how to modernise them...
Top 3 Eyeshadow Tips For Hooded Eyes
Written by Emily Osberger on 24th Feb, 2021.
Just because you have hooded eyes doesn't mean you have the 'wrong' eyelids for makeup. You absolutely can wear beautiful eyeshadow, too. Let me show you how...
Make Your Makeup Kiss-Proof This Valentine's Day
Written by Emily Osberger on 12th Feb, 2021.
If you have ever hugged your man only to see that dreaded foundation mark on his shirt, you'll love these tips to making your makeup transfer and kiss-proof for a valentine's to remember.....
Feel Dull & Boring After Foundation?
This Is Why & How To Fix It.
Written by Emily Osberger on 9th Dec, 2020.
Go from dull and boring to youthful and glowy! You're not exactly doing something wrong entirely. You're just missing some very important steps to add on after foundation. Here's what it is and how to do it.....
How To Avoid Feeling Stressed When You Get Ready
Written by Emily Osberger on 9th Dec, 2020.
If you avoid doing your makeup because you get stressed and frustrated....this is for you. I take you through how to make it an enjoyable process (and no, you don't need to become an over-night pro for that to happen).....
How To Do A Halo Eye In 3 Easy Steps
Written by Emily Osberger on 9th Nov, 2020.
This is the Modern Day Smokey Eye and it's hot right now for a reason. Learn how to do the Halo Eye in 3 easy steps....
3 Steps To A Better Eyeshadow Application
Written by Emily Osberger on 23rd Oct, 2020.
With these 3 tips, you can add it into your eyeshadow routine the next time you do your makeup and see the amazing difference for yourself!
How To Clean Your Brushes & Sponge
Written by Emily Osberger on 5th Oct, 2020.
Isn't it such a chore? "Ughh, I really need to clean my brushes but it's such a mission and I don't even know if I am doing it right" Sound familiar? I'll show you how to do it RIGHT and make it SIMPLE....
The Right Order To Put On Your Makeup
Written by Emily Osberger on 20th Sept, 2020.
Could you be putting on your makeup in the wrong order? Does it really matter? Eyes or face first? Let me settle this once and for all....
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