Why You Need All 3 - Bronzer, Blush, & Highlight. 
Posted on June 30th, Wednesday. 
Have you ever wondered what the difference is between bronzer and blush?
Wondering do I realllyyy need both? Aren't they just like, different colours?

Not to mention this thing called a highlighter. 
Nope, not the sharpie, an actual makeup product. 

It's not our style here at Pure Nava to tell you you need to get a huge list of products (that cost an arm and a leg).

I aim to cut out the things that aren't necessary and give it to you straight, what you actually need. 

So, when I say tat all 3 are actually quite different and that it is important to have all 3, I hope you take my word for it. 

In a nutshell, they all work together to give you a fresh, youthful glow. If you ever do your makeup and think...

..."Ugh, why does my skin now look so dull and boring?"

It's because you need what I call the 3 Bonuses - Bronzer, blush and highlight on top of your foundation. 

For more information on what order to put on each product, you can get my Free Makeup Order Guide, here. 

Let me break down for you the difference between all 3 and how they each play a part. 
Bronzer reveals your cheekbones (hello, sculpted sculpting).
Bronzer is the brown coloured product and it both adds warmth to the face as well as sculpting. 
This is my current fav bronzer:
You want to add this right on the bone, close to your ear and avoid coming close to the mouth (doing that will droop the face - we want to keep it nice and lifted).
You can also add this on your temples and forhead to give a sun-kissed look.
-Blush gives colour and life (hello, youthful skin)
Blush is a coloured product that is typically a shade of pink or peach. This adds some life and colour to the face which is very important after foundation. 
Because, foundation will cancel out a lot of colour on our face so this just brings that back so we no longer look flat and dull. My favourite blush is this one below, you can click here to shop. 
A lot of people can be kinda afraid of wearing blush because previously it used to be trendy to wear a bright pink and it can look a little 80's-like. 
However, the great thing about blush these days is the huge colour range. You can get a subtle pink or a more nudey/peach tones for those of you who prefer a more subtle touch of colour. 
This one you do want to add a little closer to the nose but sweep it up nice and high towards your ear - slightly above your bronzer. The two are meant to be in different zones yet also blended together so it looks natural. 
Highlight gives glow (hello fresh, plumpness)
Highlight is kinda like a shimmery product that adds glow to the face. It also can make your skin look plump and fresh. You want to add this to the high points of your face which means smile and then tap a little bit right on the highest point of your cheek, kinda over the top of the blush. 
 My favourite highlight is this one below, you can click here to shop. 
Just like blush and bronzer, you can also pick different shades of highlight to suit your skin colour best. Some are a darker gold for darker skin and some are lighter. Golden one's are best for warm undertones and champagne one's are best for cool undertones. 
If you're unsure what your skin tone and undertone is and want a personalised list of products that both fit your budget and skin, you can enquire to get a 1:1 Makeup Lesson with me here: contact@purenava.com 
I have done a little tutorial on my IG Page using all 3 bronzer, blush and highlight, click here to check it out.