Top 3 Eyeshadow Tips For Hooded Eyes
Posted on Feb 24th, 2021
I poured my cup of coffee, settled down into my cosy couch and pulled up my fluffy, soft blanket onto my lap whilst reaching for my phone. 

I set time aside in the mornings to go through my DM's and get back to as many people as I can and help them with any makeup concerns. 

One particular lady stood out to me. 

She was asking for help with wearing eyeshadow. 

This wasn't out of the ordinary but it was what she said next that surprised me and equally made me sad. 

She said 'do I just have the wrong type of eyelids for eyeshadow?'

I wanted to reach through the phone and shake her but also hug her lol. 

The answer is - NO!

You do not have the wrong type of eyelids. 

Not for eyeshadow, not for anything. 

The features you have are beautiful and I don't mean to sound corny or get preachy but I need women to understand this. 

This is no 'better' feature to have for makeup. 

You can have hooded eyes, almond eyes, wide-set eyes, close-set eyes, deep-set eyes, round eyes.....heck, blind or 'old' eyes and still be able to wear beautiful eyeshadow. 

I'm really passionate about this because it makes me sad that anyone could be scrolling through Instagram, see nice eyeshadow, wonder why they can't do eyeshadow like that and draw the conclusion they were born with the 'wrong' eyes. 

The truth is, it's just a skill we all can learn - how to do the right eyeshadow for our own unique and individual eye shapes. 

That's all. Focusing on what we can do for our eye shape. 

Okay, cool, now we got that out of the way, I want to focus on the very common eye shape - Hooded Eyes.
What are hooded eyes?
Hooded eyes can come in different variations, but, essentially, it is when there is some extra skin folding over the 'crease' of the eye.
This can be very mild, or, more prominent. 

Here are some examples. 

These hooded eyes have a mild fold of skin over the crease. 

These hooded eyes have a more prominent fold of skin over the crease. 

My Top 3 Tips For Eyeshadow For Hooded Eyes

Tip #1 -  Be Able To See The Eyeshadow 

This is so simple, but, super effective and easy to remember the next time you're putting on your eyeshadow. 
During the process of putting eyeshadow on your eyelid, I want you to stop after putting it on. 
Look straight ahead in the mirror - no tilting of the chin upwards or raising your eyebrows. Just look dead straight ahead in the mirror. 
Then check - can you see the eyeshadow? Or, do you have to raise your eyebrows and tilt your head to see it?
If you cannot see the eyeshadow just from looking straight, you need to bring it up higher to your brow bone. 

This is the rule of thumb with eyeshadow for hooded eyes and the best starting place - just making sure it's been brought up high enough and you can see it.

Below is an example of Actress, Blake Lively. Her eyes seem much more 'closed-off' in the first image because we can only see the eyelashes and eyeliner. 
In the bottom image, we can actually see her eyeshadow because it has been brought up higher, close to her eyebrows. 
This has opened up here eyes and is much more flattering on her hooded eyes.  
Tip #2 -  Replace Dark Eyeliner With A Light Eyeshadow.

Look, you can still wear eyeliner, but there is a particular way to do it. 
I won't be covering eyeliner do's and don'ts for hooded eyes in this blog post. 
But, I wanted to showcase the difference between hooded eyes wearing lighter eyeshadows and only black eyeliner.

Below you can see how her left eye seems much more open and flattering. 
You can see she has utilised Tip #1 above - being able to see it and bringing up the eyeshadow nice and high. 

Opt for a light matte eyeshadow in a beige, orange or mauve tone (it's your preference on colour) just above your crease and if you're adding a shimmer, also bring that up a little higher over your crease. 

This gives the illusion that your crease is more open than it is. 

Whereas, when you only wear black on the eyelid, it is enhancing the tiny eyelid space and is not as flattering. 
Tip #3 -  Use A Wipe To Clean Up The Edge Of The Eyeshadow

When you're doing your eyesahow, deliberately bring it out too far past your eyebrows. 
This will then I've you something to 'clean up'. 

The reason why you want to do this, is that it gives a nice crisp line and therefore a bit of an eyelift illusion. 

Below is an example of the eyeshadow being taken out really far and then the end result of getting a lifted eyeshadow look compared to a rounded, smokey look. This is very flattering for hooded eyes. 
Give these tips a go the next time you're doing eyeshadow and most importantly, be kind to yourself. 

Don't wish away your features because all of us have unique and different shapes and sizes in both our eyes, our face, our nose, lips and bodies. 

Did you know some of the highest-paid supermodels have hooded eyes, too?
Check out Gigi Hadid - she has gorgeous, hooded eyes. 

So do famous Actresses like Jennifer Aniston, Blake Lively and Jennifer Lawrence. 
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