3 Old Makeup Steps That Need To Be Cancelled (Along With The Side-part & Skinny Jeans).
Posted on March 2nd, 2021
If you've been on the internet this month, I am sure you've heard about Gen Z cancelling Skinny Jeans and the Side-part.

Declaring that these trends are now old and out-dated. 

Millennials clapped-back saying they're here to stay.

I'm a victim of this claim lol!

I love my skinny jeans and honestly 'mum jeans' just do not suit my body shape. 

Whilst I think this was a bit of fun and a light-hearted feud between generations, I wanted to add a bit of spice to this mix. 

There are 3 makeup techniques I am still seeing circle on women edging the 30-club. 

Now, it is NOT my style to shame or put-down anyone ..... especially over how they choose to do their makeup (paaa-leasseeee).

That's not what this is.

If you love your makeup routine you've had since 2010, your skinny jeans and side-part - I support you and celebrate your confidence. 

What this is, is a helpful guide for my female, millennial friends that want to update their makeup routine because it feels boring and out-dated - but you just don't know where to start.

If you kinda just wing it in the mornings when you do your makeup and you're getting sick of the same old powder, blush, nude eyeshadow and clear gloss.....

Let me help you figure out what steps are now out-dated and how to modernise them. 

So you can feel confident as you step out of the elevator at work, knowing your makeup look is youthful and fresh instead of high-tailing it to your desk and avoiding the mirrors. 
Outdated Technique #1 - Skinny Brows
You know, when you pick up your eyebrow pencil and just kinda colour over the top of where your brow hairs are. 
This leaves you with brows that are not flattering for your eyes and it's a missed opportunity for a little lift. 

Plus, if you over-plucked your brows as a teen, chances are you don't have naturally thick brows and so they may also remain thin and out of shape. 

How to modernise this makeup step. 

Instead, try drawing an outline first. This gives you direction to colour-in instead of just following where your brow hairs are. 

You can add in a little arch (hello, brow lift) and add some thickness if needed by drawing on your skin instead of just following the hairs. 

Then, you draw short strokes to imitate your brow hairs and wol-lah - modern, flattering eyebrows that look more like twins than step-sisters. 
Outdated Technique #2 - Blush On The Apples Of The Cheeks

Look, I'll be honest, I am guilty of doing this myself. 
Because I love blush and I love having that flush of colour on the cheeks!

Maybe you're the same. 

It cannn be done, but, you've got to be careful to not cross over into the 90's music video vibes or worse - looking like the clown at your 8th birthday party. 

How to modernise it. 

So what I mean is that if you are adding it on the apples of your cheeks, you know the soft part of the cheek right next to your nose, you need to also sweep it up onto the bone of your cheek. 

Head in the direction of the top of your ear. So, from nostrils to top of ear. 
This will then avoid the circular pink cheeks but still give us a flush of colour. 

That is my personal preference and the 'safe' way to keep it modern. 

Or, you can totally Gen-z it and do the 'new' way which is only adding it to the cheekbones and avoiding the apples. 

So, from under your eye to top of ear. 

What this does is give a really lifted appearance. Perfect if our cheekbones are starting to droop or you have a round face that you don't want to accentuate.

If you don't have a round face though and would actually like to have a bit more 'oomph' back into your sculpted face, add it on the cheeks following the rules above. 

Here are some examples. On the left, you can see this 90's look with the blush concentrated just on the apples and then on the right we have this modern makeup look with the blush concentrated on cheekbones closer to the ear.
Outdated Technique #3 - Barely-there Lips
I'm actually not too sure about this one and why it's so common, but, I have heard many times my past clients say that don't like to wear lipstick or bring any attention to the lips. 

I feel like this is a bit of a 90's thing when it was popular to have thinner, barely-there lips with a bit of gloss.

How to modernise it. 

Flaunt your lips, my love! Even if they are thinner than you'd like, by adding lipstick, it's only up from there. 

Without anything on the lips or just a balm, your makeup will look kinda ... non-symmetrical. If you've got your eyes done, blush and then...nothing. 

Let's add lipstick even if it's just a blush or a nude colour to still keep it subtle. My favourite starting place for a lipstick that won't break the bank and feels nice on the lips is this nude by nature lipstick. 
How do we feel about that my Millennial friend?

Hopefully these easy makeup swapsies is less offensive than the 'change your side-part to a middle-part' protest. 

I'm still not swapping out my skinny jeans but you'll see me using these makeup techniques to keep my face looking youthful, fresh and modern.

Give it a go and see the difference for yourself. 
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