Setup A Home Makeup Area (without spending a cent)!
Posted on March 10th, 2021
Doing your makeup in the morning can feel like a real chore - I think most women feel that way. 

That it's something you just gotta quickly get through before you rush out the door and it's always a pain. 

Maybe your brushes are always dirty, the area you do your makeup is dark or not peaceful......

I truly believe that a huge reason why you don't enjoy doing your makeup isn't because you don't know what you're doing with the makeup steps (which is of course still a big contributing factor), but, it's also that you just don't enjoy where you do your makeup. 

What if you had an area of your home where you could come to and everything is there that you need. 

No need to get your lipstick out of the car, sunscreen out of the bathroom cupboard and powder from your handbag before you can sit down to do your makeup.

Have it all in one place - keep it neat, tidy and inspirational and you'll already start to look forward to doing your makeup and put that extra spring in your morning routine. 

You may be wondering okay buttttt Emily I can't just get a spare makeup room and a Hollywood vanity mirror like you. 

I know, I know. I don't expect you to nor do you need that to have a  good home makeup setup. 

Remember, this is my job. I am a professional makeup artist by trade and I wouldn't have what I have either if I didn't have to. 

I know on Youtube and Instagram all we see is a fancy setup with lights and pink, faux-fur cushions on their glass vanity chair. 

But, that's a luxury and not a necessity. 

Here's what I would do to create a nice, home makeup setup without spending a cent and my hot tips to look out for at your home. 

Remember, don't be afraid to change it up.

Just because you've been using the bathroom for the past 10 years doesn't mean you can't move to your bedroom or office (may feel odd, but, read on and you'll find out why) and the change is irreversible if you don't like it. 
1. Get a mirror close to a window to utilise natural light. 

This one of the biggest tips I can give and you can get creative by looking at different areas in your home that may have this as a suitable option. 

In your bathroom, typically you'll never find the window and mirror on the same wall. 

The problem with having a window to the side of your mirror is that it's going to light up one area of your face (hello, un-even bronzer). 

So, in the bathroom, you could setup a mirror on the window. This would look something like this. 
Or, if this isn't possible in your bathroom, first start by finding some windows in your home. Which one could you easily put a desk in front of?

This way, you could then just get a mirror on a stand to put on your desk and easily sit there (more on that in point 2) to do your makeup with good lighting. 

You could this set this up as a nook in your study, in your bedroom or spare section of the home that doesn't get used much. 

It may look like this. 
2. Be able to sit and have your legs under the bench.

This is a big one because if doing your makeup is something you do at least a few times a week, or, when you do it, you just dread it.....then you must treat yourself to at least being able to sit comfortably. 

Another problem with the bathroom us tyocailly the cupboard between you and the mirror is so bulky you have to lean over to look in the mirror which is a strain on your back. 

Not to mention, you cannot sit down. 

I have seen videos of people choosing to sit on the bench in the bathroom to do their makeup haha which is probably between than standing but even better if you can find a place to actually sit. 

Like the setup above, getting an actual office desk is usually the easiest way. 

Maybe you already have a desk at home somewhere?

Find even a console table and a dining char and if you can sit comfortably there, try to push that up against a window - joining tip 1 and 2 together and you're laughing. 
3. Have everything you need in the drawers of the desk. 

Now that you have the mirror and the desk in place, next you need your makeup and tools. 

Even if this is just a blush, mascara and a couple of brushes - or, you may have the whole farm.

Whatever stage you're at with your makeup journey  - don't think just because you're a 'newbie' that you don't deserve to have a nice space and set some things up in a little station. 

It makes the world of difference when it is time to do your makeup and you have everything you need and don't need to go and fetch some of it from your handbag or your car and there isn't hair all over it or pencil shavings from it sitting in the bottom of your old makeup bag.... (that used to be me anyway haha).

Having them in your rightful spot in your new makeup area makes it even that little bit more enjoyable. 

This could be in the drawers of your desk, or, even in a cute tray that sits on the desk. 

Bonus points if you've got a fresh, cleaned sponge already waiting for you too - I love it when I bulk clean all of my sponges and then keep in the draw of my makeup desk. 

It's such a treat to my future self when I sit down and it's all ready to go. 
I hope these few, simple tips have given you the motivation to get up and manoeuvre some things around. 

I think you may even be surprised at what you find. 

You may remember an old mirror you weren't using or a desk you were about to give away because you're not using it anymore. 

Try to move some things around in your bedroom and get a mirror, desk and little tray together to setup a home makeup area without spending a cent. 

Even if it's not anything fancy, it's something to start with and will give you a little bit more joy in your morning routine and something to look forward to when you're doing your makeup.
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