How To Spice Up Your Same Old, Nude Eyeshadow Look
Posted on May 18th, 2021
Eyeshadow can be scary, right?

About 5 years ago, I was not very good at makeup, at all. 
But, I did have some basics down-pat. 

I had a foundation and a blush I would put on and some gloss. It was enough to make me feel put together for work. 

But, on weekends, I wanted to feel a little bit extra, ya know. However, whenever I tried to do something different with my eyeshadow, it would be a major fail and end up in such a mess, I would wipe it off and stick with what I know. 

That 'what I know' look was a simple, nude eyeshadow. 

It was okay, like, hard to mess up but didn't make me feel anything special on those days that I wanted to. Plus, it's easy to get bored of. 

Are you saying 'yes, can relate' to any of that?

If so, my friend, I have put together a few ways that you can spruce up your nude eyeshadow so you'll feel special this weekend whilst also remaining in your comfort zone and keeping it somewhat fail-proof. 
Add Gold Shimmer. 

This is an easy and fun way to add some 'spesh' without having to make any major changes and binge-watching a complicated Youtube tutorial - winning. 
Pick an eyeshadow palette that has some gold shimmer and what I want you to do is actually press your index finger into that gold shimmer and do a couple of light swirls. 

Now that you have the shimmer on your fingertip, hover your finger over the crease/fold of your eye in the middle. Just above your pupil. 
Got that?
Okay, do a little helicopter landing there on your eyelid and I want you to do a technique I teach my students - it's called the 'press n pull'. 

So, press in that spot and pull your finger down to your eyelashes. 

This would have left a very visible, gold shimmer streak in the centre of your eyelid. Now, you want to repeat that the whole way across your eyelid. 

After you're done, you can add some light brown or beige through the crease of your eyelid and up towards your eyebrow. 

This will give you a simple, yet special, golden-nude eyeshadow to take you from brunch to dinner. 
Swap The Beige For A Mauve

We started with a baby step, let's up it to a lunge and get you just outside of your comfort zone with still an easy swap. 

When you keep going for the browns, nudes and beiges.... it makes your makeup look, well feel, kinda boring. 

I know, it's safe! I feel you sis. But, let's instead swap that beige in the crease for something with a subtle colour like a mauve. 

It's such a pretty colour that is still low-maintenance. It adds some 'pop' to your eyes too, especially if you have brown eyes and the nudes just make you feel too dull. 

It also goes perfectly with a golden shimmer or even a silver/champagne shimmer - super versatile!
Add A Pop Of Colour To The Lower Lash Line

Time for a light jog ;)
We have gone from baby step to a lunge to this. You can do it!

It's really cool because it looks fancy and you'll have people at the dinner party asking you who did your makeup (to which you'll reply "Ohhh stoppp, it was me") but, it's still really simple.

Carry on with your normal, nude 'safe' eyeshadow on your top eyelid. 

Then, what you can do is find an eyeshadow colour like a green, blue, orange or pink. You can just use what one you feel comfortable with, or, match it to your outfit. 

You will also need a very small, thin brush like a lip brush or an eyeliner brush or something of the sort. Stamp that small brush into your coloured eyeshadow and just drag this over your lower eyelashes. 

Also, to make it look even more polished, add some of it in your waterline (if that doesn't make you feel ick).

Here are some examples below! It feels so fun and powerful to wear yet still not overly dramatic where you feel shy. 
I hope this has inspired you to spruce up your nude eyeshadow and you've realised how easy it can be to do so with a few minor swaps. 

If you put any of this into practice, please do share it with me! We have a FB community where myself and like-mined like yourself come together in a safe place to share makeup wins and ask for advice. 

Join the group here, I am looking forward to e-meeting you there and seeing your new makeup looks. 
Ps. I have a brand new online class (it's free to join) to help you update your basic workday makeup look without having to spend a fortune on new products or a lot of time in the morning.