Insta Vs Reality | Met Gala Edition
Insta Vs Reality | Met Gala Edition
Posted on Sept 16th, 2021
The Met Gala is one of the popular fashion events of the year. Love or hate fashion, love or hate celebrities, we can’t help but take a second look when we see the creative (and some crazy) looks the A-listers wear on the red carpet. 

The more we look, we start to vote on which dresses are show-stopping and which are….interesting. 
Then, we notice the beauty. 

“Wow, look at her makeup!”
“Why doesn’t my skin look that smooth?”
“Ah, if only I could get my makeup done professionally, then I’d look like her”.

You know what?

Yes, you would look like her. 
Just like her. 

Because these A-list Celebrities have normal skin just like you. Her makeup done professionally - it’ll still look just like yours done professionally. 

Here’s what I am talking about.
Makeup has its limits. It’s NORMAL to still see texture through the beautiful makeup. 

You just don't realise it and it’s not your fault!!

This is one of the big problems of social media. It’s a highlight reel. 

The first image of Kendall I took from her official IG page (the one she chose to upload). The second image is one from google images. 

One looks really smooth and the other, you can see her real skin - smile lines, small bumps, texture. 

Now, PLEASE, know - this is NOT me shining light on her imperfections. 

No, this is the opposite. This is me shining a light on what is normal!!!! Texture seen through makeup is completely normal and it's still beautiful. 

Real skin is beautiful. In my opinion, more beautiful than fake skin through filters and photoshop. 

Anyway, yes, we sure do hope people shine the truth on beauty and be more real. But, when they don’t, we have a responsibility to either believe what we see or know the truth

So, what is the truth that I want you to think of when you scroll through IG?

This 👇🏼

Makeup is going to look different in: 

Different Lighting

Up Close Verse Far Away

Different Angles

Fake - Photoshop/Filter/Edit

Yeah.....yep. Wow, right?

I took all of these images from these celebrities official Instagram accounts. Then, teamed it next to one of them on google images. 

Again, this is NOT mocking these celebrities or pointing out flaws. I am shedding light and normalising texture with flawless makeup and how it can look different in different angles, lights and zoom-ness - and that's okay!!

(Except for Kris Jenner.....what happened darl....photoshop ain't cool haha that's a bit's okay to get wrinkles and own it by the time you're middle age).

Please, please, take this responsibility on.
I need you to understand and soak up this truth. 

Because, we cannot always rely on everyone to be real, authentic and honest.
Or, other times, simply just to rely on others to share their worse photos instead of their best (I mean, would you?)

So that when when you see beautiful makeup online, you don’t fall into a heap of comparison. 

Comparing them (good light, angles, filters, far away) to you looking in a mirror up close. 

You’ll instead say ....

“Wow, they look pretty! I’d look like that too if I got done up on the red carpet and photos taken like that. And, they’d look like me up close with the skin texture, too”.
I preach this a lot on my Instagram Page @emilyosberger and I am going to continue to do it more. Especially after seeing polls like this, I know I still have more work to do. 
I hope you can see that if even celebrities have texture through their makeup, who are millionaires, who have access to the best skin routine and makeup artists. 

It’s completely okay for you to see your texture too. 

I am absolutely, completely sick of marketing tactics by Makeup Brands and Makeup Influencers who are selling flat out lies. 

Claiming this New Revolutionary product will erase your pores. 

"Ooo ooo, try this new concealer, it won’t show your creasing!!!"

Causing you to spend your hard-earned money on products that still just don’t work for you. You think it’s you, you think something is wrong with your skin and your makeup skillset.

Maybe it is. Or, maybe it’s just normal and makeup has its limits. 

So, how can you tell if you need help with new products and techniques or if you’ve just reached the limit?

That’s where I come in.
It’s my mission to empower everyday women with the ability to do their own makeup beautifully and with confidence. 

You no longer have to watch hours of youtube tutorials, Tik Tok ‘hacks’, buying what the Sephora staff say, or listening to FB Group recommendations. 

The secret isn’t found in that. No wonder you feel confused and like it’s just not achievable for you. 

Even my head is spinning after seeing those posts on makeup, ugh, it’s too much!!!

The secret is simple. 
🔑 You just need to follow a proven, step-by-step system. 

Once you follow this system to doing your makeup, you’ll understand the basics and be able to whip it up with ease every day. 

I have curated this system over my career as a Pro, Multi-Award Winning Makeup Artist. I know what really works for each skin type. 

So, I’ve put together an Online Course that busy, career-focused women can do from the comfort of their home, at the time that suits them, which takes you step-by-step through this makeup system. 

No need to watch confusing tutorials, spend hundreds on expensive products, or have to show up to live classes at certain times. 

You get access to the member's area of the online course from your phone and can complete each lesson when suits you. 

Goodbye feeling overwhelmed, hello feeling empowered. 

Ready to unlock your potential? Click here to check out all the details on my Online Makeup Course For Everyday Women, Clueless To Confident.