Kiss & Transfer-Proof Makeup For Valentine's Day
Posted on Feb 11th, 2021
We hadn't even left the house yet before I got makeup on his shirt. 
You know, the right corner of the shirt, where his shoulder meets my cheek. 

My Husband was like wow, this always happens!

So to respect his nice dress shirt and his face when we walk into a restaurant and he has got a red kiss mark on his cheek, lol, I set out to figure out what makes my makeup ✨kiss-proof✨. 

Here's what I have found 👇🏼

Put powder over your foundation

Isn't it the worse when your foundation gets everywhere?
On his shirt, or, on your shirt!
It's so easy to touch your face and then get foundation fingerprints everywhere. 

Ugh, I personally can't stand the feel of wet, sticky foundation on my face (nor isit a nice look).

So, always be sure to set your foundation with a powder. 

A loose, translucent powder is best compared to a pressed powder. But, anything is better than nothing. 

My personal favourite setting powder is the Laura Mercier one linked below. 
A great dupe for this powder that is much more affordable is the Makeup Revolution one also linked below. 

Avoid Lipgloss

The only other worse thing than sticky foundation is sticky lips!
I know I don't like the feeling of a smooch with sticky lips - what a way to ruin the moment 😉

Plus, not only is the feeling of the sticky-ness not very pleasant, it can be very impractical. 
Your hair can get stuck into your lips when the wind blows (if you're outside), making your hair strands sticky. 
Plus, a gloss doesn't last nearly as long as a normal lipstick and so it's going to disappear after your first few sips of wine and bites of pasta. 

The only pro is that it sure does make your lips look beautiful and pouty!
I personally only like it for photos or a girls night where I am keeping my lips to myself 😌

Totally up to you my friend. 

Wear a Matte Lipstick

A matte lipstick is going to be 100% kiss-proof. 
Plus, it's going to last you through the dinner which is a big plus!

My favourite long-wearing lipstick (it won't budge, like, really) is the Maybelline Superstay Matte Liquid Lipstick. I love the shade 'lover'.
Try these tips the next time you've got a date night and be pleasantly surprised that the makeup stays on your beautiful face. 

For a quick video of these tips, check out my latest reel!
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