The 3 Steps To Making Your Eyes Pop!
Posted on July 14th, 2021
It's so easy to get stuck in a bit of a makeup rut - doing the same old thang for months, heck, even years!

Then the occasion comes around when you want to feel extra special and make your eyes pop!

But, you're left with a nude eyeshadow palette from who-knows-where and wondering if your usual go-to look is even still trending. 

Let me help you with some easy tricks to really get your eyes popping and be sure to turn heads at your next social event. 

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Eyeshadow colours that compliment your eye colour
The way to do this is to look at a colour wheel, I'll put an example here:
What you want to do is first find your eye colour. Then, what is the colour dirrectly opposite your eye colour?
That's the colour eyeshadow to use. 
So, if you have blue eyes, golden orange tones will make your eyes pop. 
Green eyes, red or plum tones will make them pop. 
Hazel eyes (the yellow part), purple tones will make them pop. 
Brown eyes, it's great to add some colour to the eyes like a blue or a green to add that pop factor. 

Now, colours on the eyes can seem so.....festival-y. I hear ya. 
For day to day, or, even a nighttime event, some colours can sound not subtle and beautiful. 

But, believe me, it truly can be added in subtly and you don't even notice that's 'colourful' because your eyes are the focus. 

Also, the trick is just adding it in a little bit, such as through the crease and blended into a shimmer or a brown. This is what keeps it subtle and not overboard. I'll show some examples below of different looks I've done using colour in a wearable way. 
Add some black eyeliner for definition 
When done right, some black eyeliner can make your eye's pop and give that perfect level of drama.

Butttt when not done right, it can close off your eyes making them appear smaller and look far too harsh. 

My top tips to getting it right are to ensure you've got some medium to dark eyeshadow going on. This will 'back up' all of that dark eyeliner. 

If you have got a light, natural eyeshadow look, then the black eyeliner is too harsh of a contrast.

See these 2 examples below where the first model has black eyeliner adding the perfect level of drama but also has the eyeshadow and lashes going on to suit whereas the (2000s photo) of Lindsay isn't doing much for her eyes because the eyeliner is all we can see. 
Add some highlight to the eyes with a light shimmer eyeshadow
By adding some brightness to the eyes, this will give an istant dazzling look and is to make your eyes have that pop factor. 
There's a couple idfferent places you can add the shimmer. 

First, you can add it to the inner corner of your eye. This doubles a great techqiue to open up your eyes and even make them appear a little larger. 

The other option is to add it right in the centre of your eyelid. So, if you have for example a gold eyeshadow over your eyelid, then add in a lighter champagne shimmer right in the centre and it kinda gives an extra luxe look and of course brightness. 
Give these 3 tricks a go and add them into your eyeshadow looks to make your eyes pop and you'll be sure to turn some heads. 

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