The Exact Order To Apply Your Makeup
Posted on Oct 5th, 2020
Do you just wing it when you do your makeup?
Maybe you even do the order differently each time because you keep seeing other Beauty Bloggers do it differently?

Has it just left you confused on what even is the right way?

Allow me to help you settle this once and for all!

First off, how come different people do it differently?
Like, whyyyy, lol? Why can't we all just do the same thing and keep it simple?

Well, it comes down to a few factors. 

Mostly because of personal preference is why people do it differently. For example; it's an ongoing debate if eyes or face first is best - it's really just personal preference. 

But, there is also total no-no's and a correct order with some steps. 

This can still change though depending on whether you're doing your makeup with all powders or with all creams/liquids. 

Or, what I like to call 'wet' or 'dry' products. 
Wet products being concealer, foundation etc. 
Dry products being powder, eyeshadow etc. 

You can also have a product that can be bought in both options ' wet or dry versions.
An example of this is blush, bronzer and highlighter.

You can buy a blush in a cream or liquid version (wet) or you can buy it in a powder version (dry).

So, depending on if your products are wet or dry or a combination of both, you're going to put on your makeup in slightly different orders. 

This is why people do it in different orders. 

1. Personal preference
2. Different types of products to you

Would you like to get the cheat sheet on the what order is right for you?

I have just the thing for you and it's totally free!
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You can download my guide on The Exact Order To Apply Your Makeup and you'll be given 3 different Guide's.
1. All Dry Products (for a matte look)
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3. Combination of Wet and Dry Products (for a long-lasting makeover)

That way, you'll never be confused again!
Let's settle this once and for all without you having to change your whole routine or buy new products.
Use what you've got and I will help you piece it together into the right order in your routine. 
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