How To Clean Your Brushes & Sponge
Posted on Oct 5th, 2020
Girl, time to clean your brushes!

I can hear the groan's from here, lol!
Honestly, I groan too, it can be such a chore, right?

But, something we know must be done.

Just like washing our dishes up, cleaning the shower and mopping the floor. 
Something we put off until it can no longer be ignored. 

But, once it is done, we feel so put-together and fresh - ahhhhh - sighs of relief. 

"But, Emily, do we really have to clean our brushes?"
"I don't know if I have ever cleaned my brushes and it works fine for me?"

Well, my simple answer is that you don't know how much better your makeup can be 🙊

Here are some examples:
Do you feel like whenever you put on your eyeshadow, no matter the colour, it just seems to blend into one muddy colour?
- It's because your eyeshadow brush has not been cleaned and it's so full of a million different colours over time. 

Do you feel like you break out when you wear foundation and concealer?
- It's most likely not the makeup. Maybe, it's that you don't cleanse properly. Or, if you do that, then it's the fact that you've not cleaned your foundation brush and it's hosting a party of germs (ewwy). 

Did your brushes use to be smooth and soft on your face but now it actually kinda irritates your skin because it's so rough?
- Hunny, you need to clean your brushes. Let's make them new again.

So, the main 2 reasons to clean your brushes is:
1. Keep them free of germs which in turn is so much better for your skin
2. Your makeup will apply better with clean brushes

"Ahhh fine, I feel convicted, I know I should clean them but it's such a chore! I feel like I don't have the right soap for it and don't want to buy all these fancy cleaning equipment stuff".

Ugh, me either, girlfriend!
I just want to clean my brushes and make it quick and easy.

I have a quick video for you below showing exactly how I clean my brushes and even my Beauty Sponges. 

The best part? 
The soap I use is literally $2.50 and you can buy it on your next grocery shop at Coles or Woolworths.
(You'll find it in the Laundry Aisle).
I hope this has helped you know exactly how to clean your brushes and sponges and you're motivated to jump up and give it a go. 

Comment on my Insta Reel and let me know if you find this helpful! I love, love getting your feedback and support. 

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