3 Steps To Making Your Eyeshadow Better
Posted on Oct 23rd, 2020
I kept looking at the clock, it was 6:35 pm and he was picking me up at 7 pm. 
My makeup was partly done. Like, I did my foundation routine the same as I always do and I felt happy enough with it. 

But, it was our first 'real' date and so I wanted to look 'different' ya know, like, hoping for a "Wow, you look amazing" kinda compliment 😌.

So, I wanted to attempt some eyeshadow. I rushed back to my room, dug to the back of one of my drawers and found an old eyeshadow palette. I knew I had one somewhere!

It had this like disposable foam applicator on the end of the plastic brush. You know those one's 😅Mhmmm and your girl was attempting to look gorgeous with this 🤓

So, I started and I had no idea what I was doing. It turned into a hot mess. I look at the clock and it's now 6:45 pm.
Gahh, he's going to be here soon!!

In my desperation, I knocked on my roommates door. She was a professional Makeup Artist. I really didn't want to bother her, knowing she had been working all day. But, I reallllyyy needed help.

She was so kind to help me. I couldn't believe how easy it was for her! She reached into her makeup kit, got the exact brushes she needed and chose the perfect colours (how does she know?).

I sat down and she whipped up this look on my eyes. It took like 7 minutes, I was amazed. I looked in the mirror and felt sooo gooood!

I was soo excited! It was now 6:55 pm and I heard a knock on the door as I was in the bathroom. My roommate got the door and in he came with a bunch of flowers in hand. 

It was our first Valentines Day together and really our first date night together since becoming boyfriend and girlfriend. 
I still remember his big smile and eyes-wide-open as I came around the corner in my red dress and he saw me all dolled up for the first time. 
This was almost 5 years ago now!
Way, way before I obviously had any idea about makeup. 

Having a beautiful eyeshadow look on that night made me feel like a million bucks and we had the best time ever. 

If you are right now how I used to be - clueless with eyeshadow - then I hope these 3 starter tips will help you feel more confident wearing eyeshadow and get better results. 
Tip #1 - Put concealer on eyelids before eyeshadow.
Do not put your eyeshadow straight onto your bare eyelid. 
You want to first apply concealer before the eyeshadow. This is because the concealer will cover any redness/pigmentation/little veins on your eyelids. This is like if you put on blush on your bare skin it wouldn't show up much. But, if you applied it on top of foundation on your skin, it's going to show up better. So, by applying a concealer on your eyelid first before eyeshadow, your eyeshadow colours will pop more. 

Tip #2 - Set that concealer with powder. 
If you're thinking - oh, I kinda put some of my foundation over my eyelids, is that the same? Well, yes, pretty much. Concealer is ideal because it's got a higher coverage but that's fine if you don't have one and can only use foundation. Either way, just make sure you're doing this tip.
Which is setting the concealer with a powder. 
Why do you set it?
If you didn't, then when you blend your eyeshadow on your eyelids, it's going to be like walking through the mud. A sticky, difficult, trudge. 
If you do set your eyelids, however, then blending your eyeshadow ill feel more like gliding on ice - a much easier movement. 
The result is having a seamlessly blended eyeshadow look compared to a harsh line.

Tip #3 - Pat your shimmer on with your fingertip instead of a brush.
You don't always have to do this, it honestly depends on the type of shimmer. But, more often than not, I have found that most shimmers apply better on the eyelid when I have used a patting motion with my fingertip compared to using a brush. You just get more 'bang for your buck' or, pigment. 
If you're like me and need a visual of what I am talking about, head to my Instagram page where I have a new reel on these 3 eyeshadow tips. 

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