How To Avoid Feeling Stressed When You Get Ready.
Posted on Dec 9th, 2020
If somebody videoed you as you got ready, would it be calm music in the background, a gentle breeze coming through the window, birds chirping and you're sitting down with a smile.... your products laid out in front of you.....applying it easily and with confidence. 
Or, are you like, yeah right!!

In reality, I'm running around trying to find my powder brush and I am sweating because I am stressed and getting flustered. I finally get everything gathered together I need....people walking in and asking where I put something in the house.....I'm checking the time because I don't have a lot of it....I tried to do something 'different' but it's failing so I am wiping it off and starting again....I leave the house in a frazzle and not feeling very confident or good about myself. 
Which scenario sounds more like you?

Look, does anyone really get the first scenario? 
I guess not! I kinda exaggerated them both so you got the picture. 

But, I know what it's like to feel frustrated and stressed out getting ready when you wished it was just easier and enjoyable. 

I am going to share my top tips on how to make the process better so the next time you get ready for an event, it'll hopefully include less stress.
One - Know What You're Doing
This is kinda Captain Obvious, but, I just wanted to start here.
Naturally, any task or activity you do where you know what you're doing and are good at it, is going to be more enjoyable and less stressful. 

Put me in a makeup room and I am good to go. 
Put me on a dancefloor and your girl will die from embarrassment and attempting it will make me feel stressed as I have no idea what I am doing. 

(I tried ballet as a little girl, I am not delicate enough. So, I tried hip hop and it was at least a little improvement since I could be heavier-footed and less graceful lol). 

Now, before I lose you and you get stressed just reading this first point - hear me out. 

Knowing what you're doing does not mean you need to be a pro or at least super skilled at it. Not in the slightest.

Just meet yourself where you are and use what you have and make a plan with that, so you know what you're doing. 

Here's what I mean.

Do you own a lipstick, a blush and a mascara? Wonderful. Make a plan so you know what you're doing. 

Look up some tutorials on my page or find one on youtube of how to apply your lipstick and blush and what colours to choose to match your dress. 

Then, when you sit down to do it, you know what you're doing and can get started without having to research on the spot. 

Just like me on a dancefloor. 
When it was our Wedding, I knew I had to get on there. In fact, my Husband equally (or, much more) dis-likes being on a dance floor. 

Did we know what we were doing in the way that we were skilled dancers? Haha, no! 

But, we did know what we were doing when we got up there. It was a hand around the waist, slow dance. Not a surprise-my-husband-with-a-Beyonce-choreographed-dance. That would make me stressed and insecure for sure. 

But, we instead enjoyed our dance and were not stressed because we met ourselves where we were at and made a plan.

It'll be like this with your makeup routine, no matter your skill level, you can know what you're doing and enjoy it. 
Two - Put It On Autopilot 
This is actually something I learnt from a Businessman in a book and I applied it to a work-task that always stressed me out and I would avoid it because it was always this big, difficult thing. 

He taught me to put it on autopilot. I now use the same system for all tasks I need or want to do better. 

Let me explain what it means and how you can do this in your makeup routine to make it easy. 

Have you ever moved to a new part of town or got a new job and you had to look up the best route to get there?
Each time you drove the route, you'd have to really think it through and if you took a wrong turn and ended up being late, it'd be so stressful.

But, eventually, after taking the same route for months in a row, you drive on autopilot. Have you ever been driving and gone 'wow, I don't even remember that last 2km's'. Because you don't even need to think about it. You just drive, knowing the route like the back of your hand and you're daydreaming (maybe not the safest driving tip but you get what I mean).

I want you to do that when you get ready. Know the route and the steps you take, so you just start doing it. 

This way you're not like.....
"Where are my brushes? Gah, they're not even clean".
"Where has that lipstick gone?"
"Where should I sit to do this?"
And you start wondering around, getting sweaty and more annoyed each time you have to get up to collect something or move something out the way. 

Make it easier for yourself! Put it on autopilot. 
Know exactly where your items are and set yourself up a little makeup station. 

No, you do not need to buy a Hollywood vanity Mirror with the lightbulbs. Your makeup station can be a simple, towel on the ground in front of the wardrobe with the mirror on it. 

Wherever it is, make it a simple process and keep your things together so you know exactly where to go and what to get and it's already bundled together. 
Three - Do Not Disturb 
What might also be making you stressed is if you're getting texts or in-person shouts 'What's taking so long?' or 'what shirt should I wear?' 

Hunni, you don't need that kinda negativity in your life. 

Flick on the do not disturb.

I've told my Husband that if he walks by the room and can see I am doing my eyeliner and/or sticking on false lashes, to slowly back away, out the door frame, out of sight.

He actually made me a do not disturb sign out of cardboard haha! So I can hang it when I am like, only interrupt for urgent matters. 

He respects that because he knows if I am in there doing my makeup and have fun, stress-free, no pressure, he'll have a much better time too ;)

So, whether you also get to one stage in the makeover when you need a bitta hush, or, it may be the full makeover, set some boundaries. 

Hang a do not disturb or put your phone on silent. 
Put on your favourite tunes and that'll immediately take a load off. 

Say it's for their benefit, too. 
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