Feel Dull & Boring After Foundation? Here's What You're Missing!
Posted on Dec 16th, 2020
One of my students was telling me that she'll get invited to drinks with the girls after work. 
She is pumped and gets all excited at the time that they plan it out. 
Thinking about the sunset and the cocktails ....oooooo it's going to be a fun time! 🍸

But, then pooof 💨 goes the excitement and it's replaced with anxiety when she gets home to start getting ready. 😖

Because she feels like her makeup is always just so dull and boring. She sits down to try something new and fresh but ends up wiping it all off because it's not going to plan. 

So that she doesn't run late, she just goes back to her 'safe' makeup routine which is a bit of foundation and powder. 

She told me that at the event her friends seemed so glowy and had these beautiful colours on but she just felt so dull, flat and boring. 

If any of this sounds familiar, girlfriend, keep reading. 
Because you're not exactly doing the wrong thing. You're just stopping and missing out on the next very important steps. 

There are 3 simple steps you can do after your foundation and powder - yes, in that order. 

It's what I call the 3 Bonuses and I teach this to all of my makeup students and they all love it and can't believe how simple it is. 

It's easy to remember! The next time you do your makeup, do your normal foundation and power but don't forget to add the 3 Bonuses!

I'll share the steps below, but, here is an image that shows me before and after the 3 Bonuses. 
It is the exact same foundation routine, just 5 mins beforehand. 

See the difference?
It'll take you from dull, flat and boring to youthful, fresh and glowy!
Right, what are these 3 Bonuses?

It is:
1. Bronzer
2. Blush
3. Highlight

Adding these 3 products and steps makes a huge difference!!

Now, don't worry my friend, you do not need to go and buy 3 new products and spend a hundred dollars. You can! But, you do not have to. 

If this is your first-ever time buying these and you're a total newbie, get a 3-in-1.
Click here for my fav affordable 3-in-1 product that contains the 3 bonuses. 

If you already have a blush at home and/or a bronzer, then, you may want to just buy a new highlighter. 

Either way, get all 3, together or separate, and follow the steps in my latest video on Instagram. Click the photo below to be taken there and see this in action!
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