How To Show Up As The Confident, Accomplished Woman you Are.
Posted on Aug 25th, 2021
I was 19 when I got my first ‘real’, professional, job. I was waitressing tables up until that point but really desired to be in an office environment, be super organised and run the front desk of a company. 
I was jobless for about 3 months until a lady took a chance on me. 
She was a friend of a friend who I heard was hiring a receptionist and I contacted her, just about begging for an interview. 

I had zero experience as a receptionist but what I did have was the desire to be there, to show up, to give it my all and learn quickly. I held my breath as I walked out of the interview office, wondering how I went. I started driving home when I had to pull over for a call - it was the manager - she said “you’ve got the job”!

I was sooo excited but then as soon as I got home, panic set in. 
“What do I wear? How do I do my hair? Oh no, I need to update my makeup!!”

All I wanted was to walk in like Donna. You know the TV series Suits? 
When Donna steps into the building she has this confident strut, her head held high, a gorgeous dress, blow-dried hair and beautiful makeup that suits her features - she knows she looks good and is ready to get *beep* done. 

My first day was not like that. 

It was more like hitting snooze to get heaps of sleep after staying up watching...well, Suits….
Then, groaning at the chore of doing my makeup and stuffing some bread in the toaster before running out the door. I didn’t strut, I was borderline running into the entrance of the building to make sure I got there on time and patting out the crinkles in my blouse as I approached the front desk. 

I soooo did not live up to my expectations of strutting in with confidence and showing them what I am capable of, letting them know that they made the right decision to hire me. 

Did I mention this was a Health Club? Yeah, so the managers and sales assistants etc. had offices in the big gym and I was at the fancy front desk. Literally, the first face everyone saw as they walked in. 

I would also watch everyone come and go and there was the final turning point one afternoon after I noticed the change in women’s body language, smile and confidence depending on how they were presented. Some looked put-together and left with confidence. Some (like me) running out the door with a skirt and their runners still on, hair in a bun, left with scatteredness. She so did not look ready to get *beep* done, but, ready for bed haha I could relate so hard but really didn't want that to be my reality. 

I knew I had a choice. This isn't luck. This is a choice in how we show up, how we present and look after ourselves. 

I decided who I wanted to be. I was ambitious with a lot of personal goals and I knew to even scratch the surface, I had to show up ready to tackle the day and have fun doing it. 
I wanted to show up as my best, most confident self and step into my true potential. 

Below I will share what I did to make a change and ever since 2015, I can say with certainty, that how I get ready in the morning does matter. 
How I show up, matters. 
It impacts my day, my goal, my joy and my confidence. Which is what matters. 
I create a Morning-Ready Routine
This is the most important factor and truly sets you up for the day. 
I get it, I used to be (still can be up until very recently) someone who would roll my eyes at the whole ‘get up early, have a morning routine’....
Like, ugh, don't tell me what to do haha. 

But, it’s not a popular message for no reason. There is simply no denying that when we show up for ourselves, we have more joy. We accomplish more. We stand a little taller. We give our best self to others, too. 
So, if you want to show up organised, poised and feeling your best, lets get your Morning-Ready Routine down-pat. 
One - Get Outfit Ready The Night Before 
I recommend laying out your clothes the night before. Did you know that the average woman spends 16 mins per morning figuring out what to wear? Hunni, we could be almost done with our makeup by then!
Even if you have a uniform blouse, layout that top, your undergarments, pants and shoes - even your jewellery if you choose that each day. 
Your future self with thank you once you come into the bedroom and your beautiful outfit is ready to go for you, no thinking needed. 
Two - Erase The Chores 
Now, a biggie is enjoying your Morning-Ready Routine. First, look at what is a chore for you? Doing your makeup? Okay, be specific. What is the most annoying part?
The fact that it's uncomfortable to sit on the ground in front of a window?
Get yourself an office desk for under $100, girl you deserve it. You’re working, you can spend some cash on a task that you do everyday. 
Or, is it that you don't like the products you’re using? Can you buy a new lipstick or blush to look forward to your routine? Spend $50 on a couple new staple products and add some more joy into your routine.
Perhaps it's everything! If you’d like to learn how to do a beautiful, go-to look that suits you using a handful of essentials all in under 20 mins, click here, I’ll teach you how.  
Three - Sprinkle In The Joy
Now you’ve taken out the chore-like things, add in some extra sparkle. How can we actually look forward to this time instead of rushing through it?
My recommendation is either a TV Show, fav playlist or podcast. 
My personal fav is a podcast, I love having that girl-time feeling and it hypes me up for a great day when I listen to inspiring career women sharing tips on how they do it all. 
A client of mine says she puts on her TV series cause she has kids and doesn't have time to watch at night so she does her makeup each day for 20 mins with the show on and really looks forward to her quiet time doing that. 
Now you’ve taken out the chore-like things, add in some extra sparkle. How can we actually look forward to this time instead of rushing through it?
So, as a recap, consider including these 3 things into your Morning-Ready Routine so you can leave the house with a spring in your step and have that hair-blowing moment as you arrive at your desk instead of flailing through the entrance and tying up your hair as you wait in the lifts. 

Have outfit ready
Erase the chores
Add in joy 

Remember, It's not just about how we look. You are not vain. You look after yourself. It's about how we show up and the overflow benefits of feeling our best. 

I hope this can encourage you to jot down some ideas of the 3 Morning-Ready Routine prompts that you could include into your morning to start showing up as the confident, accomplished woman you are. 

It’s time to step into your potential and add some extra joy in the mundane of a workweek. 
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