Why You Should Try Coloured Eyeliner & How To Do It.
Posted on Dec 9th, 2021
Have you ever had your makeup done and gone….
“Oh my goodness, I feel a million bucks!”

You feel powerful, unstoppable, ready for the event.

It sounds cliche but truly, a beautiful makeup look can make us feel this way.

You may not have the luxury (or desire) to get your makeup done professionally for every Saturday night dinner or Wednesday work meeting to make you feel like that; but, I’ve got the next best thing for you that can give you this boost. 

Okay, don’t freak out, hear me out…..

It’s a coloured eyeliner!
That can feel so bold, right? Don’t knock it til you try it! 

You do not need to be pro to pull this off nor will you look like you’re attending a kids birthday party. 

When done right you can experience that ‘ready to take on the world’ feeling. 

Let me first lay out 3 main reasons why you should try a coloured eyeliner and then I’ll give you my top tips to do it right. 

1. Make your eye colour more vibrant

Did you know that if you apply an eyeshadow that is the opposite of your eye colour, it makes your eye colour stand out and pop? 

This is called the 'complementary colour' on the colour wheel because they complement one another when put side by side. 

This works well in clothing and of course, in makeup!
So, if you have blue eyes, using an orange toned eyeliner on your bottom lash line, will seriously make that blue look as inviting as the ocean. 

Green eyes, using red or hot pink and hazel eyes, purple or blue and brown eyes? Girl, take your pick!

2. Feel Powerful And Bold For The Day

There is no denying that adding a pop of colour in your eye makeup is a power move. 

When you feel bold, powerful and confident in your makeup, you are embodying this and it translates into your day in so many ways.

You’re holding your head held high as you strut into events, raising your hand higher in meetings and speaking with no stutter. 

3. Jazz Up A Basic Eyeshadow Look 

If you feel like you do the same old basic eyeshadow every time, this is the perfect way to keep it simple (no extra brain work or tutorial needed) but add in an extra step. 

So, you don’t need to overhaul it or get completely out of your comfy zone, risking get stressed out before a special occasion. 

You can simply add this to the top or bottom lash line and jazz up your basic look into something eye-catching. 
If I have convinced you this is a look you should try, I bet you’re wondering how on earth you’re able to pull this off without looking silly. 

First of all, don’t even think that. The reason you haven’t branched out for …. what, has it been 7 or so years now since you’ve made a change? …. Is because you’ve been too afraid to try anything different out of fear that you’ll look silly or be judged for your colour choices. 

No one is thinking the thing you are - you’re going to instead get so many compliments because it’s something different. Women will say “Wow, what a statement you’ve made on your eyes” and admire your boldness. Men will not be able to put their finger on what’s different lol but no doubt he’ll say “Aw you look beautiful, I like what you’ve done”.

My top tips though to help you feel more confident in your application is this:

1. Avoid Liquid Eyeliner

Unless you’re more experienced with eye makeup and know how to work an eyeliner, stay clear of a liquid version as it can be hard to handle. 
It’s so much easier to handle and because it’s got this angle to it, it literally does the wing for you like a stamp! 
The easiest way to do a coloured eyeliner is by dipping this brush into any coloured eyeshadow and drawing it on. 

2. Hooded eyes - Avoid Top Lash Line

If you have hooded eyes, whether it’s black eyeliner or this coloured eyeliner technique, it’s best that you bring your eyeliner wing out from the bottom lash line. 

This helps you to bypass the ‘fold’ of skin on your eyelid (which gives that zig-zag look with eyeliner when drawn over). 

Here is an example of this technique:

3. Include The Waterline

If you are doing your eyeliner from the bottom lash line, always include the waterline. 
This helps it to look more polished and put together instead of incomplete or messy. 
If you give this technique a go, I would absolutely LOVE to see it - I mean it when I say I really appreciate and get excited about when you try the tips I give you.

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