Time For An Update! How To Do Modern Makeup.
Posted on Sept 8th, 2021
As ambitious, career-focused women, we are just here trying to do it all. There are endless demands, a long to-do list, text messages dinging in and the mental load of what’s next. 
I see you out there working and showing up, aiming to create your dream life. With the time you have leftover, you look after yourself with self-care activities and catch up with friends. 

Something that seems way down on the priority list is improving how you do your makeup. But, every now and then, a situation will come up that brings that deep desire to the surface. It is so in-your-face, it makes you feel insecure at worse and embarrassed at best. 
You’ve said yes to catching up with your girlfriends for a drink at the rooftop lounge after work. As you start to get ready, you procrastinate doing your makeup because “ugh it’s such a chore” and you don’t really like the result anyway. 

You throw on the same basic look but it’s really so….well, basic. So, you pull out the pretty eyeshadow palette that’s been collecting dust and thought ‘why not give this a go’ to look extra spesh. 

But, you quickly remember why it’s been put at the bottom of the draw. The colours are giving you a black eye like Rachel from Friends when Ross did her makeup. Even though that was a cute scene, it’s not quite the look you’re going for. 

It’s those moments you say ‘I wish I could do my makeup nicely’. That desire is there but it seems so far-fetched. 

Then Monday comes back around and as the mundane of the workweek comes and goes, you forget about the desire to improve your makeup. 

It’s been put in the too hard basket because every Tik Tok shows a million steps that you don't have time for anyway nor the money to dump on a hundred products. 

Before you know it, it’s been 10 years and you’re still doing the same oh-so-basic makeup routine which you were never even taught how to do properly.

You can’t even remember where the bronzer came from and the mascara you redeemed in products from that one time you got your makeup professionally done, is starting to look a bit…..how-ya-going. 

(Oh, if you’re not from Australia, we can use that term not just as a greeting but also when something is a bit….peculiar haha).

Friend, I get it. I’ve been there. 

I’m basically writing a summary of my life back in the day when I didn’t even know what the difference was between a concealer and a foundation. 

Perhaps you can relate?
You might be like “YES! Emily okay okay, you got me, yes, that’s me. 
But, what do I do about it?”

Updating your makeup routine may be long overdue but it can just feel so dang overwhelming. 

Here at Pure Nava Makeup - we’re all about simplifying makeup so that everyday women can feel empowered to do it themselves with confidence. 

If you’re ready to finally make a change so you’re not having the same yucky experience next time you’re heading out with friends, keep reading. 

I’m going to show you the 3 easy ways to update your daily makeup routine without having to use a gazillion products. 
1. Add Lift
This is one of the best things you can implement right away because it’s not going to cost you a thing and is easy to pick up. It also has a big impact on your makeup look - you’ll be feeling totally refreshed in your makeup after a nice lift. What this means is simply changing the placement of some of your makeup steps. 
The new modern way to put on your blush is higher on the cheekbone. You can click here to instantly download my free eBook which shows you graphics of where to place the blush and bronzer so you can be sure you’ve got it right. 

Another great way, especially for hooded eyes, is to lift the eyeshadow further towards your brow bone. Again, the eBook details this with pictures. Oh, it also shares the new way to do your eyeliner which is a biggie - no more putting it under the eye for a daytime look!
2. Add Colour
Are you still doing your eyeshadow using browns and nudes to play it safe? Friend now is the time to add some colour. This adds so much youthful bounce to the face. When I say colour, please erase the hot pink flashes from your mind. I’m talking like some muted mauve tones or a peachy nude in replacement of browns. 
If you’ve already got a blush at home or an eyeshadow palette with lovely colours but have been too afraid to dip into it - now is the time! Click here to get my free eBook which gives simple and quick tips on how to add this colour without it looking crazy. 
It’s perfect for a daytime look even for a professional work meeting - it’s all about how you apply it and where. 
3. Add Glow
Finally, time to do add some glow! You’ve likely the dewy makeup trend circling. The skin looks healthy and glowy and you wonder how to get it to look like that. Basically, it’s time to ditch some of the powders and pick up some creams. The more creams used the more glow. 
You can do this with a liquid foundation, a cream blush instead of powder blush and adding in a glossy lip. 
If you’re ready to implement the update in your own makeup routine, get my brand new, Free, eBook ‘3 Easy Ways To Update Your Makeup Routine’. 
I give some product recommendations and visual images of the placement of your blush, bronzer and eyeshadow so you can easily follow along. 

You can do this!! 
I’m rooting for you.

And, I just know that once you feel amazing in yourself each day, you’ll feel even more ready to accomplish your to-do list and smash through your ambitious goals. 

I believe beautiful makeup that feels true to you has less to do with how you look and more to do with how you feel and the opportunities you say yes to as a result.