Where To Start When It Comes To Bettering Your Makeup.
Posted on Oct 6th, 2021
I hear these 7 words almost every day - “I just don’t know where to start”.

From women who have been doing the same basic makeup look for 7+ years and want to update it but…… “Just don’t know where to start”.

Or, from women who have never been into makeup but finally starting to learn now because they’re wanting to feel extra good about themselves but….. “Just don’t know where to start”.

Or, even some women who have all of the right products because they buy the top recommendations but have no idea how to apply them correctly. They want to do it better but…..Yes, that’s right….. 
“Don’t know where to start”.

I hear this so often because makeup can be soo complicated, right?
But, it doesn’t have to be. 
The reason it’s complicated is because there is so much info out there. Which appears to be a good thing - I am glad things are easily accessible on the internet. 

But, it’s started to have the opposite effect.
Instead of it being helpful, it’s actually made you more stuck. 

One influencer says to blend on your foundation with a brush and then you watch a Tik Tok and she says to use a sponge. 

You google what the best foundation is but then go into Mecca to buy it and the staff says a different one is better for you. 

It leaves you super confused that you end up putting it in the ‘too hard basket’ and continuing on with your day. Which turns into a week, a month a year. 

Before you know it, you’ve been just winging it for so long and settled for ‘this is as good as it gets’ (another thing I hear almost every day).

I understand, I do. 

I don’t want you to feel stuck. I want you to feel empowered with the know-how to whip up your makeup in a way that feels beautiful and true to you. 
So, my friend, this is where to start. 

Oh, and, you’ve not heard this before. 
This isn’t the typical “Start with a foundation”.

No, any other blog on the internet will tell you a product to start with (and it’s actually only setting you up for failure). 

Before I give you the details - here’s the deal. 

As a Multi-Award Winning Pro Makeup Artist who has done makeup on hundreds of diverse women and taught makeup to hundreds more…..

I know what really works. 
I have curated a simple 3-Stage Framework to be able to do your makeup with confidence.

So, where do you start?
Stage 1!
Or, if you realise you’ve already done Stage 1 - move onto Stage 2 and so on. 

I’m going to go over these stages in just a moment but I hope you can already feel a sense of relief to know that there is an actual process (a simple one) you can follow, that'll give you clarity. 

Here it is:
Stage 1 - Identify Your Facial Identities 

This is the very first place to start. Yep! 
Not with a new foundation (not yet), not with a shopping list or trying to nail your bronzer placement.

First things first, start here. This is going to set you up for success and save you money. 

Here’s how:
Your Facial Identities are things like your: Skin type, skin colour & undertone, face shape, eye shape and eye colour. 

Once you know these things, you can then move on to Stage 2 (products) and Stage 3 (techniques). 

Because you do not know what foundation is going to work best for you until you know your skin type. 
You do not know your correct bronzer placement until you know your face shape. 
You do not know what shade concealer & foundation is best until you know your colour & undertone. 

When you’re buying products without knowing these things, you’re running a risk of buying products that don’t work for you and following a tutorial with techniques that don’t suit you. 

So, start here.
Stage 2 - Build Your Makeup Bag of Products & Brushes

Next, the fun part!
Well, fun if you love shopping but time-consuming to do the research. 
You want to start looking up products according to your skin type (which you know from Stage 1). 

Foundation for dry skin
Primer for large pores
Bronzer for fair skin

Find the one’s with the best reviews and you can even add ‘drug store’ to the end of the sentence to get the best affordable options. 
Stage 3 - Perfect Your Application Technique

Finally, you can use your new products, that work for your skin, to create a beautiful go-to makeup look. 

You’ll achieve this when you start to perfect your application technique (put on the makeup - in layman’s terms). 
This is something you’ll want some extra help with and guidance unless you are prepared to binge hours of youtube tutorials…..

Not something I advise! Mostly because you’re one busy, ambitious woman who already has a lot on her plate and has much more important things to do with her time. 

But, also because even if you did have a lot of time on your hands (looking at you in lockdown), as I said at the start, it’s going to only make you more confused. 
That’s why I have created a 3-wk Starter Course for everyday women to learn how to do their makeup with confidence. 

It’s designed to give you the momentum you need, to give you clarity and to quite literally take you from clueless ….to confident!

The course guides you through every one of these stages so that you can show up exactly as you are now (clueless), even without any products, and get amazing results you never dreamt would be possible for you. 

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