3 Reasons Why Not To Be Afraid Of Liquid Foundation
Posted on June 16th, 2021
I grew up in the era of wearing Maybelline Mousse to high school and smearing on a thick layer with the circle sponge thing it comes with to cover any sign of real skin and leaving a cute orange foundation line across the chin.
So, um, yeah, that was the standard of foundation back then. 

For a while there, the thought of wearing liquid foundation left me nervous thinking I'd look like teenage Emily when I was really trying to pull off mature-professional-working-woman Emily. 

I wanted to get ready and look nice each day but just reached for a powder to keep it 'safe' even though I didn't feel beautiful in it.

But, somewhere along the lines as I discovered the new, flawless foundations that now exist beyond Maybelline Mousse and the new way to apply it, I am no longer afraid of liquid foundation. 

In fact, I believe it can make your skin look radiant, smooth and natural when done right. 

But, I still hear from women who have that same #foundationfear I once did. 

Please hear me on this. 

Bad looking foundation is from poor technique, poor product choice and/or poor skin prep.

It's not that liquid foundation is bad, full stop. You absolutely can (and I hope you do) wear a liquid foundation with ease and apply it confidently. 

You just need to get up to speed with the modern products and techniques so you can overcome that #foundationfear from the 2010 era. 

So if you're ready to achieve your flawless, radiant, youthful-looking skin dreams, let me un-pack these 3 major reasons why not to be afraid of liquid foundation.
1. It doesn't have to feel thick or yuck on your face.
No one enjoys the feeling of foundation on their face, when you make an expression it moves and when you touch your face, you get stained fingers.

Or, greeting someone with a hug only to ruin the left side of their shirt with a foundation mark. 


This is common, but, can be avoided with your technique. 

The reason this happens is because the foundation is still wet or tacky. 

Just because it's a liquid foundation and goes on wet, doesn't mean it should stay wet. Be sure you do not skip the 'set' step. If you need help with knowing what order to apply your products, get my Free Guide here. 

With an exception to somebody with really dry skin, everyone should be setting their foundation with a loose, setting/translucent powder

This means you'll no longer have that sticky feeling, it won't transfer to clothing and it just looks and feels more like your skin. 

Plus, it will last soo much longer because it's been locked in place instead of melting off from being wet. 
2. It doesn't have to look cakey and obvious.
Foundation can (and should) look like your skin - smooth, flawless and radiant. 
The best way to get the best foundation for you is to match it to your skin type.

Please, please do not just take somebody's recommendation of what they say is the 'best' foundation in the world. Not even my own!

The reason is because it's the best one for me or for that individual. But, may not necessarily work for you. 

If you've ever bought a highly recommended foundation but it didn't work for you and you wasted your money, that's why. 

So, all you need to do is discover your skin type and then find the foundation that was formulated for your skin. 

3. It doesn't have to be difficult to find the perfect shade match 
(even shopping online).
Trying to find the perfect shade feels like we need a PHD in the science of foundation colour matching - am I right?

Like, it's been made out to be so difficult. 
Or, we just fluke it and hope for the best. 

I mean, how can anyone really know what shade to choose from just the tiny box of colour on the screen?

There is actually an easier, better way that doesn't require a tonne of search or a guessing game. 

I have created an eBook that will help you know exactly what foundation shade you are in any brand and even how to translate that into your concealer and powder shade

So you can know with confidence that you will not have any spot of colour out of place and people will wonder if it's really your skin because the match is so seamless. 

It's called my Foundation Calculator eBook and you can get it here for only $7. You'll also be taken through a quiz to discover your skin type and skin undertone before being taken through the simple steps to discover your exact foundation match. 
I believe in you, friend. 

You absolutely can have a beautiful, flawless base of foundation that leaves you feeling confident. 

Gone are the days of foundation lines and thick layers - in 2021 and with some help from your Makeup Guide ( 🙋‍♀️) you can overcome those things. 

I hope to see you rocking your new liquid foundation and push through the #foundationfear. 

Be sure to check out the Free Foundation Cheat Sheet as a great starting place. 

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