How to build a luxury makeup bag of products (without breaking the bank)
Posted on Oct 13th, 2021
Just like what a designer dress can do for your confidence and an expensive handbag can do for your vibe… makeup products can do for your overall look. 

There’s something about gliding on an eyeshadow that has the perfect amount of shine to draw attention and a satin lipstick that makes you feel a million bucks. 

It gives you that dewy, Charlotte Tilbury look which is so trending right now and you just feel so naturally beautiful.

But, maybe your current makeup bag is instead full of dusty, old products from a Chemist/Drug Store that makes you feel dull and flat. 

You want to update it, but you’re afraid of the hefty price tag that may come with it.

Let me help you piece together a luxury makeup bag of products that will last you a long time and be worth every penny. 

Make An Essentials List

A great way to reduce the cost but still feel like most of your ‘face’ is luxury, is to get the essentials in high end and the other add-in products could be more affordable drug store products. 

Typically, your essentials are made up of these products: 
Customise Your List

You may now want to change around your list so it is suitable for you. I know women who deem their bronzer as essential so they’ll add that in. 
Or, others may deem a mascara as not essential so they’ll take that out. 

Customise your list so that when you’re applying your makeup, you’re really happy with your choices and they’re products you love. What makes it feel so worth the money is when you really enjoy it and love the product and get great satisfaction from it. 
You’ll feel like it’s a waste of money more so if you spend a high amount on something that’s not important, in your eyes. 

Choose Wisely

Now you have your list of what products you want to invest some money into, you really want to choose wisely. Just because it’s expensive, doesn’t mean it’s automatically going to suit you and your skin. 

I believe that’s a huge misconception and what can leave people feeling disappointed (I mean, rightfully so)! Is when they spend for example $70 on a high foundation only to get it home and it doesn’t work for them. 

It can easily put you off from ever going high end again and think ‘what’s the point’?

But, the key is doing your research and ensuring the products you do choose are best suited to you. 

Here’s how to know if it’s right:
Prioritise When To Shop

Now that you have listed all of the products you want to get and are set on the brands and shades for you - it’s time to shop!

You may choose to do a nice big shopping spree in one go. Or, you may want to split up the cost and spread it out over a few months. Start by prioritising what products you want right now and use everyday. 

You may even choose for example foundation first up because you’re running low so that makes the most sense. 
However you choose to prioritise your list is up to you.

You may even plan it around Christmas or your Birthday to get some gift cards stashed up to assist!

Another idea is if you have an event coming up that you were going to get your makeup done for, you could redeem the service with products. 

I hope this has helped to inspire you to create a luxury makeup of products and see how it’s possible for you, even with having plenty of savings left over for other important things in life. 

You are worth it and do deserve to have good quality products. Especially if it’s something you do wear often throughout the week! 

I know it can feel like a real splurge but if you take your time, do your research and are sure it’s going to be something that you’ll use often and it’ll make you feel a million bucks…..well, that’s worth every penny, I say!

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