Blush and Bronzer Dos and Don'ts
Posted on Nov 17th, 2021
A common technique error I notice with bronzer is what I call the ‘hurry hurry bronze’. It’s when you aggressively swirl your broner into the pan, suck in your cheeks like you’re trying to look like Magnificent (the disney character) and, aggressively again, brush on that bronzer. 

It’s often too low which droops the face and is done in such a speedy process that it leaves you with a clump patch. 

If you’re raising your hand and saying “yep, guilty!” 🙋
Then keep reading because I have given away a LOT of bronzer and blush tips that I typically charge for, but, hey, I’m feeling generous this week being so close to Christmas. 

Let’s get started! 

Here are 10 dos and don’t to achieve an evenly blended and lifted face makeup routine using blush and bronzer. 


Your bronzer is your go-to beauty product for adding sculpted warmth to your face year round. Whether you use a matte or shimmery finish - bronzer will help lift your cheekbone and provide you with a sun-kissed glow to add dimension. 

Here are my top tips for application: 

Do use a large fluffy brush

You want to use the largest brush in your tool kit to apply this product. It should be nice and fluffy when you run your fingers through it. A lot of brush bristles will help you with a smooth application that melts into the skin. 

Do coat the brush evenly

Swirling your fluffy brush into the product in a circular motion will help every bristle on the brush to be coated evenly. After you swirl it in the product, tap off the loose excess so that you are left with an even amount of colour. 

Don’t carry your bronzer all the way down your face

The goal of bronzer is to lift and sculpt the face. If you place the product too low or far down on your face it will create a hollowing effect and look unnatural. Use your brush to sweep the product on top of the cheekbone from the outer corner of your eye, all the way up to the hairline. This placement will keep you looking lifted even when your face is relaxed! 

Don’t press the brush hard into the skin 

I always recommend to hold the brush firmly, but to NOT press it into the skin. You should be able to gently glide the brush across your skin without disturbing the bristles too much. Hold onto your tool strongly, but sweep gently. 

Do carry the product up to your temples 

Once you have swept the product up into your hairline, you can blend the remaining product on your brush into your temples and the edges of your forehead to complete the sculpted look. This will help the colour blend naturally with your skin tone and continue the lifted effect upwards. 


Whether you’re using pink, peach, or plum blush undertones, this product is sure to add a flush look to your routine and add to the health and youthfulness of the skin. 

Here's what you need to know about blush application: 

Do follow your face’s natural border 

Did you know that your face has a built-in guide for where to place blush? It’s a game changer once you start utilizing it! The apple of the cheek is the best spot for you to start with colour application. All you need to do to find it is smile big and look for the round muscle that tenses up under your skin. The line underneath provides a clear border of where to start application. If you are applying below this - it’s too low!

Do smile when applying

The easiest way to ensure you keep your blush looking lifted when you apply the product is to keep smiling. This will help prevent your cheeks from looking droopy and pulling down on your face. 

Don’t start out by sweeping

When you go in to apply the blush, I find it best to first tap the colour into the apples of the cheek before blending the product into the skin. This helps keep the colour most vibrant where your face naturally has colour. 

Do blend upwards into the bronzer 

Just like the bronzer, you want to apply blush in an upwards direction towards the top of the face. After you tap the product into the apples of the cheek, gently sweep the brush upwards into the bronzer. This will melt the two products together and help you achieve the most natural results.

Don’t stress about the amount you use 

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to blush; colour use is totally subjective! Some women like a light flush of pink while others prefer a bold berry sweep. Remember you can always layer more colour on to build the coverage that you like best. If you aren’t sure, try starting light and apply layers until you achieve your desired look.

Did you find these tips helpful? 

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With the right guidance and a brush - every woman can feel confident and beautiful in their makeup!