Trending Halo Eye (And, How To Do It)
Posted on Nov 9th, 2020
We have all heard of a Smokey Eye. 

But, there is this Modern Day Smokey Eye trending right now and it's hot for a reason. 

Side note - if you've got beautiful brown eyes, this is especially good for you as it adds a subtle pop of colour. 

Basically, take your traditional smokey eye and add a pop of colour or a shimmer right down the centre of the eyelid. 
It's also easier than it may seem!

(We all love easy and pretty, perfect combo for us busy gals)

Here are the 5 Steps to achieving this Modern Day Smokey Eye, otherwise known as a Halo Eye. 
Step #1 - Prime Your Eyes
This step should always be what you do first, before any makeup look. Adding an eyeshadow primer is the key to your eyeshadow being able to blend well, for the colours to show up and finally, it will last much longer. 
Step #2 - Choose 3 Eyeshadow Colours
Before we get started, we need to pick out our eyeshadows. 
The best thing about this look is that you can choose any 3 colours you wish. But, the principles are the same. 
So, what you need is:
- A light matte
- A dark matte
- A colourful shimmer
Stick to these principles but, it can be a different colour each time. 
For example, I chose:
- A light matte, peach
- A dark matte, brown
- A shimmer, gold
Step #3 - Apply Light Matte In Crease
Use a fluffy eyeshadow brush and dip that into the light matte colour you chose above. Blend this eyeshadow through your crease, which is the fold of your eyelid. Follow that in the semi-circle shape while doing 'window-wiping' motions. 
Step #4 - Apply Dark Matte All Over Eyelid
Use a more dense/stiff eyeshadow brush and dip that into the dark matte colour you chose above. Instead of sweeping it around like above, you want to instead just pat this on. Pat this all over your eyelid, underneath where you put the colour above. 
Step #5 - Apply Shimmer Down Centre Of Eyelid
Now, you will have an eyeshadow look that looks like a traditional smokey eye. 
Oooo la-la you're ready for an evening out with a sultry, dark eyeshadow like that. 
Or, you can continue on with this trend and add a pop of colour down the centre of the eyelid. This is perfect if you have brown eyes because it gives you that colour element. It also softens the classic smokey eye and makes it more romantic. 
Instead of using a brush, I dip my index finger into the shimmer eyeshadow and do what I call the 'press and pull'.
Press your finger in the middle of your eyelid, but, up high near your crease. Then, pull your finger down in a straight line until you get to your eyelashes. 
The end result!
A Modern Day Smokey Eye, otherwise known as the Halo Eye. 

It's just that little more soft and romantic than a traditional smokey eye. 
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